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Welcome to Crimson Door.

Doorways give us a chance to go somewhere new, to change our state of being and come in from the cold or to go out into another world. We change when we go through them, because our world changes to understand what’s around us. Doors allow us to walk in to a place that feels like home and leave the unwanted outside.

Every session with every client is another doorway, and we’re grateful for the chances to change our world as you change yours.

This website will give you some information on us, our techniques, and some things that can help you. Please free free to come in!

~Colleen Robinson & Dana Pemberton,

Crimson Door Healing


Your Body. Your Mind. Your health. Our help. 

To book a session with Colleen, please contact  the lovely women in charge of appointments, at

or call 604-442-7685 to leave a message.

To book a session with Dana, please contact the lovely women in charge of appointments, at

or call 604-442-7685 to leave a message.

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Looking for our location?

We’re located near Brentwood Skytrain and mall, close to Lougheed and Willingdon, in Burnaby BC. As we don’t accept walk-in clients, and want to afford you all the privacy we can while you’re here without unnecessary interruptions, we don’t post our address on our website. We do, however, give you that info in your confirmation email for your initial appointment, and it’s also on the first page of Colleen’s intake form.


Crimson Door Healing is Directed by:

Dana Pemberton, Life Strategist

It's like seeing a counsellor, only better - RM, Vancouver

The first question people ask is “What’s a Life Strategist?” Think of roughly 1 part counselling, 1 part life coach, 1 part insight and intuition, and 3 parts I’m-not-sure-why-I-feel-better-but-I-do, and you’ll get pretty close.

Sessions with Dana are Talk Sessions. With a background in a variety of coaching techniques, his focus in the clinic is helping you achieve your goals: whether that involves personal health and wellness or business.

A particular focus is re-evaluating your methods of communication; with yourself, your partner, your children, your workplace, and more. A session with Dana is a session of being 100% listened to, and being understood - perhaps better than you’ve ever been able to understand yourself.

MORE coming soon!

Colleen Robinson, /TCM.P., R.Ac., R.H.,

TCM & Intentional / Energetic Medicine

I am a student of human behaviour and healing, and I have studied both for many years. Over the course of my studies and work I have developed a great deal of respect for the grace, courage, resilience and resourcefulness I constantly see around me. One of my underlying beliefs is that the human mind/body system functions with one primary purpose: to keep itself alive, healthy, and happy. Underlying stresses, emotional or physical, can trigger responses which serve only to alert the 'system' that something needs to be adjusted. I believe that everybody's system will happily adjust when a healthier option presents itself, and my function in the clinic is to work with you to help you find those healthier options as easily and quickly as possible.


I view disease as dis-ease, and illness as an indicator of what needs to be shifted to feel well and healthy again. This means that any perceived problems are merely your system demanding attention to help shift whatever needs to be shifted in order to become healthy and happy again.

My years spent as a teacher and an actor have made me very aware of how interconnected everything is, and how astonishingly powerful human emotions are. My discovery of Traditional Chinese Medicine put a framework on personal challenges (such as the daily headaches, fatigue, and carpal tunnel syndrome I used to suffer from) as well as challenges faced by family and friends. With TCM, problems that I had always been told were things that 'just had to be lived with' (carpal tunnel, PMS, chronic headaches, chronic fatigue, lower back pain, etc.), were not only diagnosable but treatable. I had the pleasure to study TCM in Vancouver under the guidance of brilliant multi-generational doctors of TCM, who taught me how to apply traditional principles to modern life. I am particularly passionate about helping people connect the link between emotional and physical issues. I enjoy having the freedom and background to address issues from all possible angles, including TCM modalities as well as counseling techniques, and energy medicine techniques. I believe in a varied approach to healing, using whatever modality best suits each client, combined with humour and dedication.